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Official COSP ROM [4.9] [9.0 Pie] for Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus / Note 5 (Vince) (18/05/2019)

COSP is a custom Android Operating System which is based on AOSP. The ROM gives you a Pixel-like android experinece that isn't spying on you and uses as few system space as possible. You also have the option to go completely without GApps using MicroG support.

What's new :-
- It has black pixel boot animation.
- It has rounded corners and status bar padding.
- Font size can be changed via % amount f.e 105, 110%.
- It has network usage in status bar kb/s.
- It has quickstep launcher with few customizations.
- It has rounded recents that you can't disable.
- It has blue accent like pixels by default.
- It's pretty stock when It comes to quick settings.
- Night Light is working fine as well gray scale.
- By default the rom has 4x3 (x,y) quick settings.
- Comes with GCam v5 (5.1.018 / 5.1.23 R5Plus Fix).
- Has custom update checker with really slick UI.
- It has COSP Settings in the Settings APP.
- You can change color accent, theme, font, etc.
- There are settings for App ops, Buttons, Gestures, 
Lock Screen, Navigation Bar, Notifications etc..
- There is reading mode in COSP Settings that makes
the screen Gray scale and and Yellowish.
- You can disable icons in Status Bar, Center clock etc.
- Advanced Restart is there.. you can choose recovery etc.

How to Install
>> Download the ROM and GApps from the download links below.
>> Make sure you have TWRP installed.
>> Reboot your phone into recovery.
>> Wipe System, Dalvik, Cache and Data(if you are flashing from another ROM).
>> Install both the ROM and GApps.
>> Reboot your phone to system.
>> Enjoy.
Download Links
>> Latest ROM: Download Here or Here
>> Open Gapps: Download Here


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