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How to Install Twrp Recovery on all Xiaomi and Android SmartPhones

You almost can't do without a custom recovery if you want to do some modifications on your Android phone like rooting, installing kernels, installing ROMs and more. CWM used to be the most popular custom recovery but now most recoveries out there are based on TWRP.
TWRP is an opensource custom recovery image for Android devices. It provides users with a touchscreen enabled user interface and it can be used to root your phone (through the help of Magisk), flash kernels, flash ROMs and more.
Below is a simple and detailed guide on how to install Twrp recovery on all Xiaomi and other Android smartphones.

  • Windows PC
  • Unlocked Bootloader: Check out detailed guide Here
  • Adb/fastboot: Download Here
  • Twrp for all Xiaomi smartphones: Download Here or Here
  • Lazy Flasher.Zip : Download Here

How to Install TWRP recovery on your Android phone
  • Make sure ADB Fastboot is installed on your PC
  • Download the right TWrp image for your phone from the Link above and extract it to a folder on your PC
  • Rename the extracted Twrp file to twrp.img
  • Inside the folder, hold down the shift key and right click, then click on open powershell command here
  • Turn off your phone and reboot into fastboot mode by holding down Volume down + Power button simultaneously (or Volume up + power button on some old phones)
  • Connect your phone to the PC with USB cable
  • Input the command below to flash twrp recovery
fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
  • After installation, enter the command below to boot into Twrp
 fastboot boot twrp.img
  • Click on install and select the lazy flasher zip file you copied earlier
  • Swipe to install
  • After that, just reboot to system.
That is all guys, you have just successfully installed Twrp recovery on your Xiaomi device.

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