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How to unlock Bootloader on your Xiaomi device (Redmi and Mi phone) New method - 2019

Just like most other smartphone manufacturers, all Xiaomi devices always come with the bootloader locked from the factory. This is always done for security reasons in case of theft of misplaced device. With a locked bootloader, users information are most times safe from vulnerabilities as no one can flash ROMs or boot into recovery to perform a factory reset.
Xiaomi however give users the option to unlock the bootloader of their phone if a user chooses to. With an unlocked bootloader, users can flash custom ROMs, custom kernels, Install Custom Recoveries, Grant root access, etc. The process of unlocking bootloader on Xiaomi smartphones use to be long and tedious as you have to apply and wait for unlock permission, but now the process has been simplified.

In this post, I will guide you guys on the few simple steps on how to unlock the bootloader of your Xiaomi smartphones.

"Note:- Unlocking the bootloader on your device will make it less secure and your personal data/files might be leaked or lost. Unlocking your device bootloader is not advised or encouraged except you know what you are doing. So Please proceed at your own risk, and note that you are responsible for your own device."

How to unlock bootloader on all Xiaomi phones
1. Downloading Mi Unlock tool by clicking on this LINK.
2. Extract the downloaded Mi Unlock tool to your windows PC.
3. Open your phone Settings > About Phone Then tap on MIUI Version (7 times) until you see the message "Now you are a developer"
4. Now go back to Settings >> Additional Setting > Developer Options then enable USB Debugging  
5. Also enable OEM Unlocking from the Developer options.  
6. Go back to Developer options > Mi Unlock status, click on Add account and device and enter your Mi account.
* If you see error like connect to the network & try again,  then Logout the Mi Account from device & directly sign in from Add account and device page.
7.  After that, turn off your phone and boot into fastboot mode by pressing the Power button and Volume down(-) button at the same time.
8.  Now connect your device to the Windows PC/laptop with a USB cable
9. Open the Mi unlock tool folder you extracted in Step 2 and open miflash_unlock.exe file and click on Agree.
9. Sign in to your Mi account (the same account you signed in on the phone). 
10. Once the phone connects, click on Unlock.

11. You will get the error message,  Couldn't unlock, After XX hrs of trying to unlock the device.
12. You will have to wait for the given time before trying again.
13.After the XX hrs is complete, just try to unlock again by starting from step 7 and it should unlock successfully.

14. After that, just reboot your phone and it should be unlocked.

That is all guys. If you have any question, kindly drop it in the comment section below and it will be responded to as soon as possible.


  1. Nice, will the unlocking process wipe my data ?

    1. It most likely won't, but it is advisable you backup your data just in case it does.

  2. Unlock wiping your phone!!

    1. It won't. But it is advisable to backup first.

  3. A man with a factory reset Mi 9t ProJanuary 01, 2022 12:39 am

    I can 100% confirm that the process of unlocking the bootloader causes your phone to be WIPED. Thanks OP, all my stuff is now gone. Amazing.

      Sorry about your files though.

  4. hah good thing im gonna get a new phone soon
    Not gonna need a backup XD


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