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Official Candy ROMs (9.0) for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro (Violet) (23-05-2019)

This is the latest version of the Candy ROMs for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro (Code-name: Violet). This is a fully customizable ROM with regular updates as well as security patches.

How to install:
Installing from another rom
1) Download the latest Candy9.zip and Gapps for Android Pie from the link below
2) Boot your phone into twrp recovery mode
3) Wipe Dalvik Cache, Cache, System and Factory Data Reset
4)  Flash Vendor.img to vendor partition (Link below)
5)  Flash the ROM
6)  Flash Gapps
7)  Flash fcrypts.zip (Link below)
8) Then reboot to system

Updating from previous version of Candy9 ROM
1) Download latest Candy9.zip and Gapps from the link below
2) Boot into twrp recovery
3)  Wipe Dalvik Cache, Cache and System
4)  Flash the rom
5)  Flash GApps for Android Pie
6) Reboot to system

-Please give first boot several minutes.-New additions and fixes being added constantly...

Download Links:
Candy Rom for Violet: Download Here or Here
Gapps: Download Here 
Twrp Recovery: Download Here
Stock Vendor: Download Here
Fcrypt Disabler: Download Here


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