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Official HavocOS 2.5 [9.0] for Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus / Note 5 [Vince] [2019-05-24]

This is the latest HavocOS ROM update for Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 / 5 Plus users and it comes with a couple of improvements as well as bug fixes. The HAVOC-OS ROM  based on AOSP with a whole lot of inspiration from Pixel Experience. The ROM has a refined Material Design 2 UI and it also comes with a whole lot of features that you most likely wouldn't find on other custom ROMs.
The new HavocOS V2.5 for Redmi Note 5 (Vince) comes with  the latest May security patch, live display, Android Q style bar icon, reading mode, and a couple of many other new features and fixes. Below is the full changelog.

HavocOS V2.5 Changelog 2019-05-24:
• cleanup device tree
• cleanup useless flags 
• add some optimization flags
• move battery estimates to QS top
• Added Android Q like Settings searchbar
• Added support for Pixel 3 live wallpapers on Ambient display
• Added network traffic back to the statusbar for devices with notch
• Added Lineage Touch HAL support
• Added Via browser
• Switched back to the old Music ticker
• Improved Lockscreen visualizer
• Improved QS edit layout
• Improved Battery estimates switching
• Disabled Battery estimates by default
• Fixed SystemUI crash for some users
• Fixed Smart charging for some devices
• Fixed Aggressive battery auto mode
• Optimized the size of statusbar icons on the right
• Smart Charging compatibility improvements
• Increased media art blur
• Added more actions for HW keys/Navbar
• Fixed SystemUI crash when Portugese is set as system language
• Fixed disappearing Q clock
• Fixed Amber accent color
• Fixed Home button while ringing
• Fixed Battery estimates showing in statusbar
How to Install
>> Download the Latest firmware, ROM and GApps from the download links below.
>> Make sure you have TWRP installed.
>> Reboot your phone into recovery.
>> Wipe System, Dalvik, Cache and Data(if you are flashing from another ROM).
>> Install the firmware
>> Install both the ROM and GApps.
>> Reboot your phone to system.
>> Enjoy.
Download Links
Firmware: Download Here
Latest ROM: Download Here or Here
Open Gapps: Download Here
Official Twrp: Download HERE.


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