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Official ViperOS (9.0 Pie) V6.4 for Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro (Tulip)

ViperOS  is a clean custom ROM which offers a whole lot of customization, useful and awesome features, themes, as well as security. This is the official ViperOS ROM for Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro (Tulip) and it is based on the latest Android 9 Pie.

* Added OTA Services updater

* Statusbar
  • QS settings
  • Clock statusbar settings
  • Battery style
  • Carrier label
  • Network traffic
  • 4G/LTE icon toggle
  • Rounded corner settings
  • QS for Reboot/Recovery

* Recents
  • Style recents AOSP and QuickStep
  • Button clear and Membar for recents AOSP

* Lockscreen
  • Face auto unlock
  • WheaterClient
  • Battery info Charging

* System
  • Color engine
  • theme QS style
  • Buttons and navbar settings
  • LED battery Charging
  • LED notifications colors
  • Power Menu advanced
  • Fonts packages

* Many other customizations,

-selinux Enforced
-fixed selinux never allows
-applied appropriate decibels to speakers
- Source updated
- May Security Patch
- Added Gesture Oneplus
- Added aggressive battery mode
- Support for Thermal Controller
- Support for icon and tag customization by application
- Several necessary corrections

How to Install
>> Download the ROM and GApps from the download links below.
>> Copy both files to your phone internal storage.
>> Make sure you have TWRP installed or install from the link below.
>> Reboot your phone into recovery.
>> Wipe System, Dalvik, Cache and Data(if you are flashing from another ROM).
>> Install both the ROM and GApps.

>> Reboot your phone to system.
>> Enjoy.

Download Links:
Viper OS 6.4: Download HERE.
OpenGapps: Download HERE.
ViperGapps: Download HERE.


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