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The Redmi Note 7s will Replace the Redmi Note 7 in India

Xiaomi's sister company, Redmi launched the Redmi Note 7 device in India back in February, and just a couple of days ago, the company launched the Redmi Redmi Note 7s excusively to the India market. The recently launched Note 7s is exactly the same thing as the Chinese version of the Redmi Note 7 with the only difference being the name.
The Redmi Note 7s is very much identical to the India version of the Redmi Redmi Note which was launched a few months ago. Both phones share the same internal specifications as well as design and the only difference is just the camera. Now, it has just been confirmed that the Redmi Note 7s will be replacing the Redmi Note 7 in India.

Redmi will hope that the new Redmi Note 7s will continue with the successful run of the Note 7 in India. Both phones also shares very similar pricing. The Redmi Note 7S costs INR1,000 ($14) more than the Redmi Note 7 which is priced at INR9,999 ($143) for the 3GB/32GB model, and INR11,999 ($172) for the 4GB/64GB variant. The Note 7s is currently available on Redmi's India website.

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