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Xiaomi discontinues the Mi Max and MI Note series - No Mi Max 4 this year

Xiaomi has been releasing so many smartphones lately that it's almost impossible to keep track of them all or which category they all belong to. The company's ceo Lei Jun has however taken to Weibo to explain in details, Xiaomi's future strategy and the plans the company has for both the Mi and the Redmi smartphone line up.
According to him, the Mi brand will focus on high smartphones with the latest innovations and premium techs, this includes the Mi Mix series which will be a super art business flagship and a new CC series which will focus more on the latest trending tech for the younger customer base around the World.

The Redmi series which is now a standalone brand will continue to focus on the e-commerce market by delivering quality mid-range phones like the Redmi Note 7 and high-end specs like the K20 Pro all at a very affordable rate.
There is however bad news for the Mi Note and most especially the Mi max series fan base as Xiaomi's CEO Lei Jun has confirmed that the company has no plan on releasing a successor for the both the Mi Max 3 and the Mi Note 3 this year. While there might be other smartphones like the K20 Pro that can fill up the space of the Mi Note, there currently isn't any Xiaomi smartphone with the large display and battery that the Mi Max series offers.

Although Xiaomi hasn't officially discontinued the Mi Max and the Mi Note line up yet, but going by the post released by the CEO, it's better not to put much hope on a new release for any of the two categories this year.

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