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Download and install Xiaomi.EU MIUI 10 EU V9.7.4 for Redmi Note 7 Pro (Violet)

The  MIUI EU ROM is developed by MIUI European team and it's based on the China version but without any of the bloatwares. The ROM is also properly optimized and comes with a lot of new features. This is the latest weekly update of the MIUI EU for Redmi Note 7 Pro (Codename: Violet).

CHANGELOG MIUI 10 EU 9.7.4System
  • New - 24-hour wallpaper
  • Optimize - Removed unnecessary sound notifications for DND mode
  • Optimize - Lock screen pocket mode
  • Fix - Ending calls took longer time than expected
App lock
  • Fix - Issues with the App lock password form on some devices
  • Fix - Contacts couldn't be deleted from SIM cards in some cases
Lockscreen, status bar, Notification shade
  • New - Permanent Lock screen notifications in the DND mode
  • New - Use your fingerprint to open Home screen once you unlocked the device using face data and stayed on the Lock screen
  • New - Introducing customizable Lock screen clock (Settings > Lock screen & password > Advanced settings). New Lock screen clock doesn't work with third party themes.
  • New - More clock formats for Ambient display
  • Optimize - Prompt for adding a screen lock before recording a fingerprint
  • Optimize - Animation for switches
  • Optimize - Calendar icon on the turned off screen
  • Optimize - Improved UI and layouts for selecting items that are displayed on the turned off screen
  • Optimize - In-screen fingerprint scanner's response
  • Optimize - Wallpaper loads faster in Second space now
  • Optimize - Readjusted sensitive areas for the dots in the unlock pattern
  • Optimize - Always on display stability
  • Fix - Screen didn't always light up for notifications
  • Fix - Folder with unimportant notification was displayed even all the incoming notifications were important
  • Fix - Clock flashed when fingerprint unlock was used
  • Fix - Fingerprint shortcuts didn't work in landscape orientation
  • Fix - Media volume couldn't be restored after receiving a notification
  • Fix - Screen lock prompt wasn't displayed correctly in lanscape orientation
  • Fix - Fingerprint icon didn't appear on time on the Lock screen
  • Fix - Face unlock animation didn't work properly
  • Fix - Issues with overlapping in Dual Clock settings
  • Fix - Battery-related floating notifications weren't displayed correctly in landscape mode
  • Fix - "Always on screen" items still appeared after this feature had been turned off
  • Fix - Issues with triggering the Notification shade during calls
  • Fix - Timer button started flashing after being tapped
  • Fix - Clock force closed on some specific dates
  • Fix - When Mi AI was off, Calculator crashed in some cases
  • New - Quick replies for messaging apps
  • Optimize - Sorting principles for Wi-Fi networks
  • New - You can blur the previews of some apps in Recents now
  • Fix - Noon was displayed as midnight in events
Game speed booster
  • New - Continuous swiping opens an additional menu in Game Turbo now
  • New - Floating windows for incoming calls during games
  • Optimize - Improved display options for landscape orientation
  • Optimize - You can open the gaming toolbox by swiping from the top side of the screen
  • Optimize - Auto brightness, screenshot gestures, and Reading mode can be turned off automatically when Game Turbo is on
  • Optimize - A major upgrade for the toolbox in Game Turbo. including auto play and switching between data SIM cards
  • Fix - Virus scan started over after users tapped the results of a completed scan
Mi Cloud
  • Optimize - We redesigned Mi Cloud's start page. It looks much better now!
  • Optimize - Improved sync efficiency
  • Optimize - Improved sync across multiple devices
  • Fix - Mi Cloud services stopped working when the users signed out of their Mi Account

How to Install:
  • Boot your phone into TWRP
  • Perform factory reset.
  • Wipe System , Data , Cache , Dalvik Cache , Vendor
  • Install the MIUI EU zip
  • Install Fcrypt Disabler.  
  • Install Magisk
  • Reboot to system

Download Links:
  • MIUI EU ROM 9.7.4 for Violet: Download Here
  • Twrp for Violet: Download Here
  • Fcrypt disabler: Download Here
  • Magisk: Download Here

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