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Download official Havoc OS 2.8 custom ROM for Redmi Note 7 [Lavender] [31-08-2019]

Havoc-OS is an AOSP (Android Open Source Project) based ROM which is heavily influenced by Google pixel. It has a refined material 2 UI and it is also packed with a lot of features that you won't find on other ROMs.

This is the latest official build of Havoc OS for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 [Lavender]. It is based on Android 9 Pie with a couple of new features. Below is the full changelog.

Changelog HavocOS for Lavender:
Rom Changelog:
  • Added Extended screenshot function
  • Added new implementation for In-display fingerprint sensors
  • Added hotspot setting to allow VPN upstreams
  • Added support for internal audio recording
  • Added mapping files for DualShock3 and DualShock4
  • Added keylayout for Xbox One USB controller
  • Improved Battery estimates toggle
  • Improved LiveDisplay
  • Fixed constant FC on certain devices
  • Fixed NotificationColorUtil logspam
  • Fixed wrong data usage in QS tile
  • Fixed wrong locale causing reboot in recovery
  • Other fixes and improvements

    Device Changelog:
    • LED is now always white, except when battery fully charged
    • Fixed animation lags, and improved performance
    • Fixed OGG playback (ex. Whatsapp Voice Notes)
    • Improved temperatures, updated thermal engine from MIUI v10.3.6.0
    • You can now use all types of Google Camera, fixed-up HAL3
    • Increased handset speaker volume and some mics
    • Improved touch screen support
    • Imported missing sensor configs from MIUI v10.3.6.0 and improved proximity experience
    • Reverted blobs from MIUI v9.8.1, that broke Wi-Fi and RIL for some users
    • Updated to latest Genom Kernel

    How to Install:
    • Make sure you flash Twrp on your phone.
    • Download the latest ROM build, Gapps and Magisk from the links below
    • Reboot to recovery
    • Wipe System, data, cache and dalvik cache
    • Flash the ROM, Gapps and Magisk
    • Reboot to system

    Download Links
    • Havoc OS v2.8 for Lavender: Download Here
    • Twrp Recovery for Lavender: Download Here
    • Magisk: Download Here
    • Gapps: Download Here

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