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Download unofficial AOSIP custom ROM for Redmi Note 7 [Lavender] [12-08-2019]

The AOSIP ROM is a very minimalist and clean custom ROM which is based on Android Open Source Project (AOSP) The ROM is packed with a whole lot of useful features and it has also being optimized to give users the best experience.

This is the latest version of the AOSIP custom ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 (codename: Lavender).

  • Fix build error
  • SF : Map metadata before accessing value.
  • SF: Add support for 64 bit consumer usage flag
  • Exsf: Add hardware hdr capability check
  • sf: Do not black out HDR layer
  • SF : Include display Intf headers library
  • SurfaceFlinger: Exclude CAF extensions from non-QC devices
  • aosip: repopick: fix picking topics when using the -g flag for picking over SSH
  • vold: cryptfs: fix build after 70bff0e6cf6ac1e51c4662f9db844af3bf343669
  • SystemUI: fix constant FC on certain devices after b20262a40fcf2f73a1faf0e57dd3971534be8951
  • Settings: Introduce Substratum changes.
  • NetD : Allow passing in interface names for vpn app restriction
  • sepolicy: Add Google App build props
  • sepolicy: Add Label to f2fs sysfs files
  • A2dp sink SHO: Add bluetooth support to access mediametrics service
How to install:
  • Download the latest AOSIP and GApps for Redmi note 7 from the link below
  • Copy both files to your internal storage and reboot to recovery
  • Wipe data, system, cache and Dalvik
  • Flash AOSIP Rom
  • Flash GApps
  • After that, reboot to system

Download Links:
  • AOSIP for Redmi note 7 (Lavender): Download Here
  • GApps: Download Here

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