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Xiaomi has shipped over 100 million smartphones in India in five years

Xiaomi has been in India for five years now and during this period, the company has really experienced overwhelming growth which is mostly due to its affordable and budget friendly smartphones. The company is currently the highest selling smartphone manufacturer in India, ahead of Samsung.
Xiaomi recently took to its official twitter account to announce that it has shipped over 100 million Xiaomi devices in India in the five years that it has been in the market. Most of this success is due to the Xiaomi's Redmi Note series and the entry level A series.

Xiaomi's vice president and India's head, Manu Jain has also taken to his own twitter account to hail this new milestone.

Jain said, 
"The biggest number that any other brand – some that existed before us and some that came to India after us that are now among the top five – was able to sell was 43 million, followed by third-largest at 30 million."
This new milestone makes Xiaomi the first and the only smartphone manufacturer in the world to cross 100 million smartphone sales in just 5 years in any country.

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