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Download and Install official crDroid 6.0 (Android 10) for Redmi Note 7 / 7S (Lavender)

The official crDroid custom ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi 7 (Codename: Lavender) has just gotten a new update. This is however still a beta official crDroid 6 build for the Redmi  Note 7 / Note 7s, but a couple of bug fixes and improvements have been made.
The new crDroid 6.0 custom ROM update for Lavender is based on the latest Google Android 10. As I mentioned earlier, this is still a beta build, so there are chances that you will experience a couple of bugs. I have however listed some of them in this post.
crDroid OS is an Android Open Source Project (AOSP) based custom ROM. The ROM has a very simple and optimized user interface, with an improved performance and system reliability. The ROM is very stable and combines features from other custom ROMs like AOSPA, SlimROM, and a couple of others.

Changelog: crDroid 6 for Lavender

  • Initial push via OTA
  • November Security Patch
  • Added OTA updater
  • Added volume panel customizations
  • Added fingerprint authentication vibration toggle (both pass and fail option)
  • Removed Privacy Guard from Setup Wizard
  • Updated crDroid Music
  • Removed Many Deprecated and Redundant files
  • Switched to qsee based Cryptfshw
  • Initial Kcal Support for kernel
  • Force enabled mobile network settings v2
  • Built libqti_vndfwk_detect from source
  • Cleaned up Carrier Config overlay
  • Brought Back Gaming Mode
  • Added Swipe to Screenshot
  • Fixed themed icons
  • Added more Quick tiles
  • Added Extended Audio Panel
  • Fingerprint Error Vibration
  • Some more improvements

Take Note:

  • Disable microphone permission for Google app to fix voice issue over calls.
  • Disable Wi-FI Tether Acceleration from Developer Settings if you have reboot after using Hotspot/USB Tether
  • Mount System , Vendor and other mount points before flashing Gapps

How to install:
  • Make sure you have Twrp recovery installed or download from the link below. 
  • Download the ROM and GApps from the link below, and copy to your phone's internal storage. 
  • Boot to recovery. 
  • Wipe system, data, cache and Dalvik cache
  • Flash the latest crDroid ROM build 
  • Make sure you mount System, vendor and other mount points before flashing Gapps
  • If you want to root then you can go ahead and flash Magisk
  • Reboot to system

Download Links:
  • OrangeFox Twrp Recovery for Lavender: Download Here
  • crDroid v6.0 (Android 10) for Lavender : Download Here
  • GApps: Download Here
  • Magisk: Download Here

Source: XDAThread

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