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Download GCam 6.2.030 for Xiaomi Mi A1 (Tissot) by Alexey070315

The Xiaomi MI A1 (Codename: Tissot) was the first Android One smartphone from Xiaomi and it was based on the MI 5x. The phone was released in 2017 which Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chipset coupled with a 4GB RAM and a 64GB expandable internal storage.
The phone comes with dual rear 12MP cameras which takes decent pictures but nothing really extraordinary. The good news however is that there is a dedicated GCam App modded for the Mi A1 which helps improve the picture quality a lot.

The GoogleCamera_6.2.030_MiA1Edition_v1.0g_overwhelmer_STABLE by overwhelmer is based on the GCam version 6.2.030 and it is built specifically for the Xiaomi Mi A1.

  • Added On-screen controls:
    • Library Slider (my own idea and implementation)
    • AEC Slider
    • AWB selector
    • Master Reload Button (my idea)
    • Settings Button
  • Revamped Settings Menu.
  • Fixed English translations and Formatting
  • Added AEC limit upto 1/1000sec
  • Added Sabre Key in Settings(not sure if sabre works properly but the key absolutely works)
  • Added Library ZAv3 by Savitar (It's good for Night Sight imo)
  • If you use Wyroczen's Dotfix module please select Raw Format as "RAW_SENSOR + Dotfix (BL=0)"
  • Changed some default settings.
  • Removed some unused settings.

Download Link: GCam 6 for Xiaomi MI A1


  1. Replies
    1. Make sure you uninstall any previous version before you install, also clear App data after installing.


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