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Download GCam 7.2 for Redmi Note 5 / Pro (Whyred) by marlin-ku [PXv4.1.1_GCam_7.2.014_whyred_02]

I recently shared a GCam which has been tested to work on a couple of devices including the Xiaomi Redmi Note Redmi Note 5 Pro (Whyred). Here is however another GCam 7 base for the Redmi Note 5 / Pro by marlin-ku.
The new GCam which is called PXv4.1.1_GCam_7.2.014_whyred_02 is designed specifically for the Redmi Note 5 (Whyred), so we should expect proper stability with little to no issues.

With GCam installed on your phone, you can get better image quality from your phone's camera as it comes with great HDR+ mode which lets you take high quality dynamic range images you also get other features like Portrait mode, Slow motion mode, Lens Blur mode, Motion photos, and also Night Sight mode.  

  • Based on cstark, for the Nokia 8.1.

How to Install GCam on Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro (Whyred)
  • Make sure you have Camera2 API enabled or check guide HERE.
  • Uninstall any current version of GCam on your phone (optional).
  • Download the GCam MGC_MI6_Daredevil.apk by Alexy070315 from the link below.
  • Install and launch the App, 
  • That's all.

Download GCam 7.2 PXv4.1.1_GCam_7.2.014_whyred_02


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