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Download GCam 7.2 for all Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones (Android 10) by Parrot043 [PMGC_7.2.014_Relesed_V1]

Parrot043 also known as Bulkin043 or innocent parrot has just released a new update for his GCam which is based on the Google Camera 7.2. Just like the other GCam 7.2 that he has released before, this will work mainly on MIUI or other custom ROMs based on Android 10, it will also work on some Android 9.0 based ROM but it won't be stable.
The new PMGC_7.2.014_Relesed_V1 by Parrot043 is a very major update as it fixes most of the known bugs like the shutter speed on S8 active, retouching on front camera, asthrophoto, "auto timer" function on front camera and many others. Some other features have also been introduced. 

This version of GCam has been tested to work on Redmi K20 / Mi 9T (Davinci), Redmi K20 Pro / Mi 9T Pro (Raphael), Redmi Note 7 (Lavender) and a couple of other Xiaomi and non Xiaomi smartphones. Remember that it is advisable to use this GCam Mod only on Android 10 based ROM. Even though it also works on some Android 9.0 Pie ROMs, you might experience bugs like App Crashing when viewing portrait shots  .

Changelog  Crash when viewing portrait shots:
  • Added fix astrophoto. Thank you cstark27.
  • Added Astrophoto Force.
  • Fixed shutter speed on Samsung S8 Active.
  • Astrophoto with a long exposure became rare to do "black pictures".
  • Added share photo via Telegram X and Vkontakte. Thank you the_dise.
  • Fixed the function of movement. Now Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro do not fly out because of the fix.
  • Added in Lib patcher ISO selection.
  • Fixed retouching on the front camera.
  • Added fix-Slow-motion. Thank You Arnova8G2.
  • Added a switch fix to 1/8 in Slow motion.
  • Fixed "auto timer" function on front camera.
  • Added item "Exposure in night shooting".
  • Added a patcher for astrophoto. Thank you cstark27.
  • Added category settings item "More".
  • Split 4K switch for "Acceleration" function.
  • Added Sabre Force.
  • Maximum zoom in video is 10x.
  • Updated icons to some items.

Bugs found on Android 9 Pie:
  • Inverted image in night shooting when horizontal.
  • Crash when viewing portrait shots.

Note: The bugs found on Android 9 might not be fixed so it is advisable you try other GCam Mods if you are on Android 9 or install Android 10 custom ROMs for your Xiaomi phone by clicking on this LINK.

How to Install GCam on all Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones
  • Make sure you have Camera2 API enabled or check guide HERE.
  • Uninstall any current version of GCam on your phone (optional).
  • Download the GCam PMGC_7.2.014_Relesed_V1 by Parrot043 from the link below.
  • Install and launch the App, 
  • That's all.

Download GCam PMGC_7.2.014_Relesed_V1 by Parrot043

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