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Download official Havoc-OS v3.2 (Android 10) custom ROM for Redmi Note 5 Pro [Whyred]

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro is the latest Xiaomi Redmi smartphone to receive the latest Havoc-OS v3.2 update.The latest version of the Havoc-OS custom ROM for Whyred is based on the latest Android 10, and it also comes with a couple of bug fixes.
Havoc-OS is one of the most popular AOSP (Android Open Source Project) based custom ROMs for Android. It has a very simple design which is heavily inspired by the Google pixel. The ROM has a refined material 2 UI and it is also packed with a lot of features that you won't find on other ROMs. This latest version is based on Google's newest Android 10.

Changelog: Havoc-OS 3.2 for Lavender:
  • Device Changelog -
    • Enable IWLAN assisted mode
    • Enable Codec2
    • Fixed SafetyNet
    • Kernel Upstreamed with tag v4.4.214
  • Source Changelog -
    • Added QS background blur
    • Added Vibration patterns from OOS
    • Added Screen Stabilization QS tile
    • Added AOD QS tile
    • Added Sound QS tile
    • Added Ambient as a gesture action
    • Added Wake device as a gesture action
    • Added Dark theme scheduling settings
    • Added Battery temperature in Battery stats
    • Added Back gesture haptic feedback toggle
    • Added Permission group for signature spoofing
    • Added Edge lighting repeats setting
    • Improved Edge lighting color modes
    • Improved Small mobile type icons
    • Improved Cellular QS tile
    • Improved Gesture actions list theme
    • Moved In-Call Vibration settings to Sound
    • Removed AoD opt-in from Setup Wizard
    • Disabled LiveDisplay low power consumption
    • Fixed ThemePicker crash with Live wallpaper
    • Fixed video playback issues
    • Fixed swipe gesture causing keyboard crash
    • Fixed opening messaging app with gestures
    • Fixed gesture dialog SeekBar color in light theme
    • Fixed extra page in QS when the last page is full
    • Fixed Failed unlock attempt dialog button
    • Fixed incorrect position of FOD on keyguard
    • Optimized some things
    • Other fixes and improvements

How to install Havoc-OS ROM on Redmi Note 5 Pro - Whyred:
  • Make sure you have a Twrp recovery installed or download from the link below
  • Download the ROM and Magisk from the links below
  • Copy all the downloaded files to your phone internal storage 
  • Boot into recovery. 
  • Wipe system, data, cache and Dalvik cache
  • Flash Latest Havoc Build
  • Do not flash Gapps (Already included)
  • Reboot to system
  • If you want to root, then you can go ahead and flash Magisk after the first boot.

Download Links:
  • Official Havoc-OS 3.2 (Android 10) for Redmi Note 5 Pro - Whyred : Download Here
  • Official Twrp Recovery for Redmi Note 5 Pro - Whyred: Download Here
  • Magisk: Download Here

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