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Download official Pixel Experience custom ROM for Redmi Note 8 / Note 8T (Ginkgo / Willow)

Pixel Experience has always being one of the few custom ROMs that gives you the closest experience to the vanilla version of Android found on the Google Pixel smartphones. The ROM is based on AOSP with a whole lot of Pixel features like the boot animation, font, wallpaper and more.
A new version of the Pixel Experience custom ROM has just been released for the Redmi Note 8 (Codename: Ginkgo) and the Redmi Note 8T (Codename: Willow). The new update is based on the latest Google Android 10 Operating System. It packs a couple of new features and bug fixes.

  • Inline latest global firmware into the builds, no need to re-flash them.
  • Added Mi sound enhancer (Dirac)
  • Included new live wallpapers app from Pixel 4 and fixed possible wallpaper lags.
  • Updated build fingerprint from coral January patch.
  • Used 4GB dalvik-heap-config 
  • Import tunables  from coral
  • Audio improvements
  • Updated missing se-policy
  • Fixed NFC and updated configs for willow (may need reboot)
  • Updated scheduler settings and cpusets

How to install Pixel Experience on Redmi Note 8 / 8T - Ginkgo / Willow:
  • Make sure you have a Twrp recovery installed or download from the link below
  • Download the ROM and copy it to your phone internal storage.
  • Boot into recovery. 
  • Wipe system, data, cache and Dalvik cache
  • Flash the latest PE ROM build 
  • Don't flash GApps (already included)
  • If you want to root, then you can go ahead and flash Magisk
  • Reboot to system

Download Links:
  • Oficial Pixel Experience (Android 10) ROM for Redmi Note 8 (Ginkgo) : Download Here
  • Oficial Pixel Experience (Android 10) ROM for Redmi Note 8T (Willow) : Download Here
  • OrangeFox Twrp Recovery for Redmi Note 8 / 8T Willow: Download Here
  • Magisk: Download Here

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