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Xiaomi now has a working in-display fingerprint reader that works with IPS LCD display

The in-display fingerprint scanner isn't really a new technology as it has been around for a couple of years now. A whole lot of smartphone manufacturers like Huawei, OnePus, Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung and many others have adopted and implemented this tech on some of their smartphones.
The In-display fingerprint scanner has however been limited to just Oled display as they have very thin panels which are transparent enough to let light pass through. This might however be changing soon as Xiaomi just announced that it has just made a break through in implementing in-display fingerprint on an IPS LCD display.

Xiaomi announced sometime last year that it was working on implementing in-display fingerprint scanner on its cheaper mid range smartphones which uses IPS LCD display panels and it finally seems like the company has just made a breakthrough.

Redmi China Vice President and General Manager Lu Weibing, shared a video post on his Weibo page. It showed a converted Redmi Note 8 with an alleged working in-display fingerprint. He states that the company has just achieved a new feat and mass production is expected to commence soon.

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