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Xiaomi might launch a clamshell foldable smartphone with rotating camera

Even though the foldable smartphone market is still pretty new and hasn't really kicked off yet, it still seems like an inevitable future that no smartphone manufacturer is willing to miss out on. So far, we have seen foldable smartphones from top brands like Samsung, Huawei and Mototrola. Now, it looks like Xiaomi is ready to join the market.
Xiaomi filed a patent in November of last year with 48 images for a clamshell like foldable smartphone similar to the design we saw on the new Motorola Razr (2019) foldable phone and the Samsung Galaxy Z flip. This patent employs a very similar design to the two but with a few tweaks.

Going by the images released, the phone will have a flexible display which opens up into a regular smartphone and folds into half, with the screen folding inward in other to protect the display. The diagrams shows no visible secondary display and there is also no notch or camera cutout present.
One of the most exciting part of it all is the camera module which is located on the chin of the phone. It has a single rear facing camera and a Quad front facing camera setup. It however has a rotating mechanism which lets you rotate or swap the front and back camera setup in an horizontal direction.

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