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Download GCam 7.4 for Redmi Note 7, Redmi Note 8 (Lavender / Ginkgo) by [MGC_7.4.104_Parrot043-v3]

Parrot043 who happens to be a very popular GCam developer has  just released a new version of one of its GCam Mod which is called the MGC_7.4.104_Parrot043-v3. This is based on the Google camera version 7.4.104.
This new version is compatible with a few Android 9.0 Pie devices and mostly Android 10 devices including the Redmi Note 7 and the Redmi Note 8. Some of the features of the GCam 7.4 includes Auto Do Not Disturb (DND) mode while using video-recording, Quick-Toggle for Video resolution changes
Re-designed settings User Interface, 4K 60fps Video recording, Exposure controls to adjust brightness and HDR of your photo  and many more.

  • Fixed pink fill in photo
  • Fixed seemingly colors on Redmi Note 9S / 9Pro
  • Added shortcut to start night mode
  • Minor edits

Download Links GCam 7.4.104 for Redmi Note 7 (Lavender) / Redmi Note 8 (Ginkgo):

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