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Xiaomi launches world's first transparent TV called Mi TV Lux, check out specs and price in Europe

Over the years, we have seen a whole lot of transparent TV concept from many manufacturers including top brands like Samsung and LG, but the new Mi TV Lux from Xioami is the world's first mass produced transparent TV.
The Mi TV Lux features a totally see through 55-inches rectangular transparent display, and it also has a width of just 5.5 millimetres which makes it ultra-thin. 

Xiaomi was able to achieve the transparent display by using the organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology. Unlike the regular LCD displays, OLED displays contains self illuminating pixels and doesn't need an extra layer of back panel to light up the screen as seen on IPS LCD displays.
The new Mi TV Lux from Xiaomi has a screen which is capable of displaying 1.07 billion color combinations. It also has a compact disc shaped cylindrical base which serves as the base of the TV and also houses all the necessary panels that normally sits at the back of regular televisions.

At the moment, the Mi TV Lux is currently on sale in China at a starting price of around £5,500 which is approximately $7, 300 USD. There is no words yet from Xioami if this TV will made available outside of China.

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