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Xiaomi Mi A4 may not happen as Xiaomi seems to be leaving the Android One program

 Just like many other OEMs like Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus and others, Xiaomi also has its own custom Android skin which is called MIUI. This version of Android is packed with a whole lot of features and customisation options that are not available on stock Android.

All Xiaomi, Poco and Redmi devices run on MIUI OS except for the Mi A series which runs on vanilla stock Android known as Android One. The Android One program was launched by Google a few years ago in other to bring pure Android experience to many budget smartphones and to also solve the update issues with many Android devices.

There are a couple of OEMs that are into the Android One program and this includes companies like Nokia, Motorola and a few others, but Xiaomi is currently the largest seller of Android One smartphones and the company has managed to push out three generations with the Mi A3 being the latest generation. There however might not never be a successor to the Mi A3.

According to German Blog smartdroid, Xiaomi might be leaving the Android One program soon which means we might never be getting a successor to the Mi A3. No reason was stated for this latest development, but we suspect it might be related to multiple bug issues and delays encountered with the latest Android 10 update for the Mi A3.

So if you are waiting for the Xiaomi Mi A4, you might want to keep your hopes low as Xioami might not be releasing a Mi A4 this year anymore. Aside Xiaomi, Motorola is also another OEM that has been gradually backing away from the Android One program and this pretty much leaves us with just HMD's Nokia.

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