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GCam (Google Camera) 7.3 for Poco F1 (Beryllium) and Poco X2 (Phoenix) [PocoSv10.4]

There are definitely a ton of GCAM mods out there for Poco and other Android users to choose from, but popular GCam Developer san1ty has a modded version of Google Camera (GCam) tailored to work perfectly with the Poco F1 (Beryllium).
The latest GCam app from san1ty is the PocoSv10.4. This is re-modified version of the GCam 7.3.018 from Urnyx, which means the app is based on Google Camera 7.3.018. Aside from the Poco F1, the app is also expected to work on the Poco X2.

Even though this particular version of GCAM is mainly for the Poco F1 and X2, you can still try it on other Android smartphones running on Android 9.0 and above. It should most likely work also.

  • Initial build.
  • Based on Google Camera 7.3.018 for Android 9+.
  • Mainly for Poco F1 and Poco X2.

  • You might experience issues with Slow Motion mode.
  • Still on beta stage for Poco X2 so users might experience fluctuations with picture quality in future builds. (Support for both Poco F1 and X2 included).
  • Make sure you clear data of the app after installation.

Download GCAM 7.3.018 for Poco X2 and Poco F1

How to install GCAM on Poco X2 and Poco F1
  • If you have a previous version of GCAM already installed on your phone, you might want to uninstall that first.
  • Download GCAM 7.3 from the link provided above
  • Install the downloaded GCAM app.
  • Clear app data after installation and launch the app.

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