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Download GCAM 8.0 Google Camera for Redmi Note 8 Pro (Begonia) by Wyrozen (GoogleCamera_8.0_Wyroczen_Alpha)

 For users of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro (Codename: Begonia ) Wyrozen which has just started rolling out a new GCam version for the device. This is based on the recently released Google Camera 8.0. This is still the initial build so you might come across a couple of bugs.

The Redmi Note 8 Pro is powered by a MediaTek chipset instead of the Snapdragon found on most other Xiaomi devices., this has made it very difficult to find a compatible GCam App that will work very well for the device. The good news however is that Wyrozen has dediated a lot of time into porting a compatible GCam for the Redmi Notye 8 Pro and now he has just released a Google Camera 8 for Redmi Note 8 Pro called GoogleCamera_8.0_Wyroczen_Alpha.

Below is the download link.


  • Initial build

How to Install GCam 8.0 on Redmi Note 8 Pro (Begonia):
  • Uninstall previous version of GCam on your phone (optional).
  • Download the GCam App from the link below.
  • Install and launch the App.
  • For better performance, download and import the config file from the link below.

Download GCam 7.3 for Redmi Note 8 Pro (Begonia):
You  can also check out other GCAm 7 Mod for Redmi Note 8 Pro Begonia by clicking on this link.

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