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Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 expected to come with hidden under-display front camera and rear display

Over the years, smartphone manufacturers have been working on different ways to shrink the front bezels of smartphones, and this has led to different innovations on how to hide the front facing cameras. We have seen different techniques like notches, punch holes, as well as retractable popup selfie cameras.

The latest we have been hearing of is under display front facing camera. This will enable smartphone manufacturers hide the front facing camera behind the screen, making the whole display flush and flawless. There were rumours that Xiaomi was going to use the under display selfie camera in the Mi 10 Ultra or the Mi 11 Ultra, but none of that happened.

Now, there is a new rumour that Xiaomi might finally be implementing the under display camera technology in its upcoming smartphone, notably the Xiaomi MI Mix 4. If implemented, the camera will stay completely hidden when not in use. 

In other to make the tech work, the area where the camera sits under might however be limited to just 1080p resolution in other to allow enough light pass through for a decent shot. The phone is also expected to come with a secondary display at the back of the phone just as you have it on the Mi 11 Ultra. Keep in mind however that all this is still a rumour for now and it hasn't been confirmed yet.

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