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Xiaomi launches Global Mi band 4 variant with NFC support

Now that the Mi band 5 has been released and it's on its way to all markets, Xiaomi has decided to launch another Global version of last year's Mi band 4 but this time with support for NFC.
Two versions of the Mi band 4 were launched last year and they were the Global and the Chinese version. While the Chinese version supported NFC payment, this feature was not included in the Global version.

A new version of the Mi band 4 has however just been announced and it comes with the model number MGW4059RU. At the moment, it currently only supports MasterCard, but support for other payment method like Visa, Google Pay & PayPal might be added in the future. To link your MasterCard to the Mi band 4, you will need to add your MasterCard details as well as your country through the Mi fit App.

The new NFC supported global Mi band 4 is now available in Russia and it will also go on sale in European countries like Germany, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, the UK and France very soon.

As for the pricing, it is starting at RUB 4,000, which is around 30% more expensive than the regular version of the Mi band 4. Don't also forget that the successor which is the Mi band 5 has also just been launched and it supports NFC on both the Chinese and Global variant.

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