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Xiaomi just released a drop test teaser of the Redmi Y3 which will be announced on April 24

The official announcement of Xiaomi's next selfie focus smartphone which is the REdmi Y3 is just a couple of days away. Although the full specification of the smartphone still han't been announced yet, one thing we know for sure is that the smartphone will feature a 32MP front facing selfie camera.
Xiaomi just recently released a teaser on its official twitter account where the phone was dropped down a stairs into the waste bin. Although the purpose of the teaser video is to show how durable the phone is, it didn't really do much of that. One thing the video did show however is the look and design of the Redmi Y3, especially the back of the phone.

Going by the video, the Redmi Y3 will feature a dual camera setup which is inspired by the Redmi Note 7. The Redmi Y3 also comes with a circular rear-mounted fingerprint sensor which isn't surprising considering the fact that this is a  low-budget entry level smartphone.

The full specification and pricing of the upcoming Redmi Y3 has not yet been announced or leaked yet, so we will have to wait for the official unveiling which will come up on April 24.

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