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Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 (lavender) now has an Unofficial TWRP

Finally, the Xiaomi redmi note 7 (Code Named: Lavender) now has an unofficial TWRP recovery. The device was announced in January of 2019 in China before been subsequently launched in India where it sold over a million units in the period of just one month.
This new unofficial TWRP build for the Redmi note 7  opens up the possibility to flash custom ROMs, kernels and GSIs on the device, and makes it will also making mod on the phone a lot more easier. Just as it has always been with other Xiaomi smartphones, you will need to unlock your bootloader before you can install the custom recovery.

  • All function in a normal TWRP
  • Multi-language support
  • Supports MTP
  • Support decrypt /data!

How to Install:
1. Install fastboot tools from google's sdk on your PC
2. Enter fastboot mode
3. Unlock your bootloader
4. Run "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img" in command line
5. Reboot and enjoy it

Download Link:
Download Here.

Due to a bug in android pie, the recovery may ask for pattern if you have set PIN/password for encryption (and vice-versa). Unfortunately, to fix this you need to format your data partition.

Source: XDA.

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