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MIUI 10 EU 9.5.30 weekly ROM for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro (Violet)

A new MIUI 10 EU ROM weekly update is now available for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro (codename- Violet). As usual, the new firmware update comes with a couple of bug fixes and new features. MIUI EU is a modified version of the MIUI China rom but with none of the chinese bloatwares. It has been completely translated and also has a couple of features that you won't find in the China or Global version of MIUI.

Application lock
  • New - New support for face and fingerprint unlock at the same time
  • Fix - Repair some models application lock password input box display error

Lock screen, status bar, notification bar
  • Optimize - Optimize the charging prompt style at the bottom
  • Optimize - lock screen Optimize the lock screen pictorial trigger area adjustment, reduce the false touch probability
  • Optimize - Optimize the stability of the interest screen display
  • Fix - Fix the problem that the screen cannot be lit when the call
  • Fix - Repair the lock screen even now the Lunar time display the wrong question

  • New - New photo tips toward the screen anyway 

Virus scan
  • New - New settings Support one-button change 

Security center
  • New - New harassment interception adaptation Darkmode 
  • Fix - Repair mobile phone restart after double open APP disappears bug 
  • Fix - Fix optimization acceleration function lock application number display error bug 
  • Fix - Fix Persian context progress bar digital display problem 

Cloud service
  • New - New set of cloud services can search the contents
  • New - The new user details page 
  • Optimize - Optimized brush for the first time Record cloud service, the backup frequency cut into 1 day
  • Optimize - Optimize cloud services startup guide on state entry points can be configured 
  • Optimize - Optimize log handling 
  • Optimize - Optimize synchronization error handling
  • Optimize - Optimize real-time mode switch subtitle text 
  • Optimize - Optimize immediate synchronization function optimization, button display 
  • Optimize - Optimize data synchronization timeliness between multiple devices 
  • Optimize - Optimize boot boot experience 
  • Optimize - Optimize real-time sync switch copy 
  • Optimize - Optimize space management page large font display 
  • Fix - Fix accidental crash 
  • Fix - Repair when not logged in into the cloud services, even now flash back problems 
  • Fix - Repair sporadic SIM status display is not normal 
  • Fix - Repair replacement account page display incorrectly 
  • Fix - Repair the sync button to display the unusual problem 
  • Fix - Fix the problem of flash the boot boot settings page in some cases 
  • Fix - Repair system even now After setting the login account, the cloud service flashback problem 
  • Fix - Repair the occasional cloud service synchronization crash problem 
  • Fix - Fix the interface long text display problem 
  • Fix - Fix the search by entering the search to find the phone open status display error problem 
  • Fix - Fix the synchronization status display problem 
  • Fix - Repair icon size is inconsistent issue 
  • Fix - Fix update micro-channel platform appid 

  • New - Added support for Google ARCore, can be used directly download games and applications of AR (MI 9) 

Other optimization and adjustments
  • Optimize - Optimize the charge move The effect disappears 
  • Optimize - Optimize boot copy of the guide bottom position and style 
  • Optimize - Optimize third-party lock screen can not display the charging animation system problems 
  • Fix - Repair the new charging animation display abnormal problems in landscape 

How to install:
- Download the latest EU rom and Fcrypt disabler from the link below
- Copy both files to your phone internal storage
- Boot to TWRP recovery
- Perform a factory reset
- Wipe System , Data , Cache , Dalvik Cache , Vendor
- Install EU ROM zip
- Install Magisk (optional if you want to root)
- Reboot

Download Links:
- MIUI EU latest version: Download Here or Here
- Fcrypt Disabler: Download Here
- TWRP: Click Here

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