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Official crDroid (9.0) ROM for Xiaomi Redmi 5 (Rosy) (01/06/2019)

This is the official crDroid ROM for Xiaomi Redmi 5 (code-name: Rosy). The ROM provides increased performance and reliability over stock MIUI ROM, it also brings many cool features. It is mainly based on LineageOS, so use custom kernels compatible with them.

Changelogs (01/06/19):
- Added AOD
- Added Q batery style
- Fixed notifications and QS buttons issue
- Reworked expandable volume dialog
- Updated audio configs
- Added sound related blobs
- Improved performance
- Battery life improvements
- Updated ADSP & Audio blobs from OP3
- Add support for DTS_EAGLE
- crDroid Music app updated

How to Install:
1) Make sure you have TWRP installed.
2) Download and Copy latest crDroid ROM and gapps to your phone internal storage (Download link below)
3) Reboot into Recovery
4) Wipe cache, system, ( & data (optional)).
5) Install crDoid ROM
6) Install Gapps
7) Reboot your phone to system

To Root Boot to recovery and install Magisk 19.x or above 

Note:  If you are upgrading from earlier version of crDroid, just wipe system & cache, then install (don't wipe data). But if you encounter any problem, wipe everything and flash again.

Download Links:
ROM : Click Here
GAPPS : Click Here


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