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Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro already in the Android Q beta Program alongside Mi 9 and Mi Mix 3 5G

Even though the Redmi K20 Pro was just announced a few days ago, it has already been listed among Xiaomi smartphones that will receive the early build of the Android 10 Q. There used to be only two devices on the list which were the Mi Mix 3 5G and the Mi 9, but now with the addition of the Redmi K20 Pro, there are now three Xiaomi smartphones eligible for the early Android Q build.
The  Redmi brand manager Lu Weibing already announced it earlier this month that the new Redmi flagship will come with the latest Android Q but no one was actually expecting it to be so soon. The first flash sale of the Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro is scheduled for Saturday, June 1 which is tomorrow. So you can get the phone and immediately prepare to flash the Android Q beta build.

In case you are planning to join the Android Q beta program on your Redmi K20 pro, Mi Mix 3 5G or Mi 9, remember that this is still an early build so you will most likely encounter a whole lot of bugs which  includes lack of support for the fingerprint scanner, you cannot switch between different users, not all videos on Google Drive appear, and not all Bluetooth keyboards will be connected. So if you think you can live with the bugs listed above and still want to flash the Android Q on your smartphone then you can follow the instruction on Xiaomi's website by clicking on this link.

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