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Official Syberia OS (9.0) V2.5 ROM for Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 / Pro (Whyred) (02-06-2019)

This is the official Syberia ROM for Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 / Pro (Whyred). The ROM is based on AOSP, the rom is very light and it comes with a couple of coll features.

Syberia V2.5 Changelog:
ROM changelog
- LiveDisplay: Improve sunrise/sunset calculator
- headline font in systems
- LiveDisplay: Use Google's algorithm to convert color temperature to RGB
- Option to disable user info in dashboard title
- Less boring heads up option
- Long press QS settings for Syberia Settings
- Lockscreen: align weather and date according Q clock alignment
- Add seek bar to media notification
- Status Bar battery: fix toggle for left/right percentage position
- Accents: Sweet Q Purple
- Accents: Pastel Colors
- some caf parts merged with LA.UM.7.5.2.r1-02900-8x96.0

Device Changelog
- Filter and remap display modes
- Perfd blobs from Sakura for boost
- Vector icons for Dirac
- vector icons for Ambient display
- Migrate to live display 2.0
- All Derp Kernel Changes 

Download Link:
Download SyberiaOS HERE


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