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Download Evolution X [9.0] ROM for Pocophone F1 (Poco F1) [Beryllium] [24-06-2019]

This is the latest build of Evolution X ROM for PocoPhone F1 (codename: Beryllium). The ROM is based on AOSP, it's very minimalist and properly optimized. It also includes all of the Pixel goodies like the wallpapers, themes, fonts, boot animation and more.

Changelog Evolution X ROM for Beryllium (24-06-2019):
  • Don't force show battery percentage on powersave/charging
  • Revert VoLIT to VoLTE icon (shoutout to the brosirs in Mido's community)
  • Add Volume key cursor control
  • Bring back One-hand UI mode (w/ QS tile)
  • Add On-The-Go mode (w/ QS tile)
  • Add Alarm, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Dialer, Expanded Desktop, Sleep Screen QS tiles
  • Update Screenshot & Partial screenshot QS tile icons
  • Bring back Running Services toggle for QS footer
  • Bring back Statusbar Clock, Date and Carrier Label font styles, sizes and colors
  • Add Lockscreen Clock & Date font sizes
  • Remove gaming mode QS tile
  • Remove Pixel Wallpapers 18

         Device Specific
  • Update build fingerprint and description to Miui v10.3.5.0

How to Install:
  • Make sure you have Twrp recovery installed on your phone
  • Download latest Build of Evolution X from the link below
  • If you are coming from a non-AOSP based ROM, wipe data, cache and system
  • flash the ROM
  • Reboot to system
  • Reboot back to recovery and flash Magisk
  • Reboot to system again

Download Link
  • Evolution X for Beryllium: Download Here


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