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Xiaomi Mi band 4 now available in the UK at just £34.99

This is good news for Mi fans as the Xiaomi Mi band 4 which was recently launched in China is now available in the UK. The fitness tracking device is available in a couple of Xiaomi authorised retailer outlet at just £34.99.
The MI band 4 features a much bigger display than its predecessor. it also comes with a coloured Oled display making it the first fitness device from Xiaomi with a coloured display. The wearable device can be used to track your running, cycling and sleeping.

It also features a new six-axis sensor in the Band, which let's you track your swimming, with different modes for different strokes like backstroke or butterfly. It is also waterproof to up to 50 metres. The device is compatible with Android 4.4 and above as well as the iOS 9.0 and above.  

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