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Xiaomi shipped out over 1 million units of MI band 4 in 8 days

The Xiaomi MI band 3 had a successful run last year as the company was able to ship 23.3 million units in 2018 with 13.5% market share making it second behind the Apple watch which had 26.8% market share.
The MI band 4 which is the successor to last year's Mi band 3 was launched a week ago in china and it has already started gaining popularity. According to an official post by Xiaomi on Weibo, over 1 million units of the Mi band 4 has been shipped in just 8 days. The company also said there was a point where it was shipping out over 5,000 units every hour making it the fastest selling wearable from the brand. 

The new Mi band 4 shares a whole lot of physical similarities to it's predecessor except for a few upgrades such as the new coloured Oled display, a bigger battery capacity which can last for over 2 weeks, a new AI voice assistant which Xiaomi calls Xioa AI and a few other upgrades.

The device is currently available for sale in China and it will start shipping globally to other countries and regions like India and Europe starting from June 26. The regular version will sell for $25 while the one with NFC will go for $33.

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