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Xiaomi to end MIUI beta program on entry-level Redmi devices and older Xiaomi smartphones

Both the China an the Global MIUI firmware for Xiaomi smartphones goes through the same roll out stages. New updates are first made available in closed beta which is mainly for developers, to an open beta which is made open to the public for anyone interested, and then Xiaomi takes the feedback and suggestions from open beta testers which is therefore implemented in the stable MIUI rollout.
While this might seem like a good idea, a whole lot of work and resources goes into this, also considering the fact that Xiaomi now has a whole lot of smartphones especially in the entry level segment, keening up is a lot more difficult. So Xiaomi has now decided to limit the number of it's devices that will be eligible for the MIUI beta program.

Starting from July 5, all Xiaomi smartphones that is more than a year old will be withdrawn from the beta program, this means that the MIUI beta ROM program will only be limited to Xiaomi smartphones which are less than a year old. Xiaomi also mentioned that the enty-level smartphones which is the Redmi series will no longer be participating in the beta program.

Xiaomi has made it clear that this new changes will not in any way affect the regular stable MIUI update roll out for all the affected devices. Also, this news is only for the China MIUI version at the moment, but the Global MIUI version might also get the same treatment in the future.

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