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Download GCam for Redmi K20 [Mi 9T] and Redmi K20 Pro [Mi 9T Pro] by San1ty [ K20PRO-F1v9.3a_6.2.030.apk]

San1ty who happens to be one of the most popular GCam (Google Camera) developers has just released a new GCam port for the Xiaomi Redmi K20 (Mi 9T) and Redmi K20 Pro (Mi 9T Pro). This new build of GCam App works on both devices without any issue.
GCam (Google Camera) uses Google's HDR+ technology to help improve picture quality even in low light conditions and on low end smartphones. It comes with some useful features like  HDR+, portrait mode, motion photos, panorama, lens blur, 60fps video, slow motion, night mode and more. 

This new version of GCam by San1ty for the K20 Pro, Mi 9T Pro, K20 and Mi 9T comes with exposure compensation option. It also fixes the issue with GCam App force closing when using the ultrawide lens in night sight mode.

Below is the full changelog as well as the download link.

  • Fixed crash in Night Sight mode when using Ultrawide lens.
  • Added Exposure compensation option.
  • Re-added HDR+ off.
  • Telephoto lens doesn't work properly with HDR+ ON currently. If you want to take photo with Telephoto just disable HDR+ (ultrawide works fine).
  • Slow motion doesn't work.

!!Make sure you clear the app data after installation !!

Download Link:

K20PRO-F1v9.3a_6.2.030.apk for K20 / Pro by San1ty: Download Here or Here

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