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How to install OrangeFox recovery Project (OFRP) R10.1_1 on Redmi Note 7 Pro (Violet)

The (Team Win Recovery Project) Twrp recovery is no doubt one of the most popular custom recovery out there available for Android device. It gives users more options and functionalities than you will ever get on stock Recovery.
Twrp is however an open source project which thereby gives developers the option to further customize and modify it, and one of the most popular of them all is OrangeFox recovery Project. OrangeFox recovery (OFRP) is a modified version of Twrp with some added features and a better user interface.

With OrangeFox recovery project, you get built-in support for Magisk, torchlight, MIUI OTA, MIUI stock ROM as well as custom ROMs. It also has a theme engine which lets you customize the user interface as well as change screen locks. This is the latest (ORFP) Orange Fox recovery for Redmi Note 7 Pro (code name: Violet).

    Changelog: OrangeFox recovery R10.1_1 stable for Redmi Note 7 Pro - Violet

    • updated the kernel
    • updated the Magisk addon to v20.3
    • support for block-based incremental OTA updates in aosp ROMs that support this (this requires some setup procedures similar to those for MIUI OTA updates - read the FAQ & Guides - https://bit.ly/39G6vQj)
    • support for metadata encryption
    • try to deal with any AVB 2.0 issues
    • use the system (installed ROM) fingerprint where possible [experimental]

    How to install OrangeFox recovery R10.1_1 stable on Redmi Note 7 Pro - Violet
    • Make sure you have a Twrp custom recovery installed already or click on this LINK.
    • Download the OrangeFox recovery for Violet from the link below.
    • Copy the downloaded OrangeFox file to your phone internal storage.
    • Reboot to recovery.
    • Click on install and select the downloaded OrangeFox file.
    • Once the installation is completed, your phone will automatically reboot into OrangeFox recovery.
    • After that, you can go ahead and reboot to system.

    Download OrangeFox recovery for Redmi Note 7 Pro - Violet

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