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Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun deletes post on Weibo after he accidentally posted using an iPhone

The Xiaomi brand we have all come to accept today pretty much started off as an iPhone clone with most of its older devices looking very similar to the iPhone. The company's custom MIUI shared a whole lot of design similarities with iPhone's iOS.
Xiaomi has however moved to a much bigger brand and has moved away from the iPhone clone that it used to be. The company is now one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world with premium and affordable smartphones. It however seems like the company's CEO and Co-founder Lei Jun can't get enough of iPhone as he was recently caught using an iPhone 11.

The CEO recently made a blunder when he was caught posting with an iPhone 11 on China's social media platform Weibo. The Website has a signature feature which shows the device a user is using. Lei was trying to post some book recommendations as well as some informative post when a couple of users noticed that he was posting using an iPhone.
This however gives the brand a questionable image as users have a reason to doubt if Xiaomi phones are not good enough for even the CEO to daily drive. Even though the post was later deleted, a couple of users already took screenshots before that happened.

Pan Jiutang, who is a Xiaomi partner, went on to explain that Lei Jun was just testing devices from competitors. This excuse is however difficult to believe as Lei took down the post and re-posted it using one of Xiaomi's smartphones, thereby accepting it was a mistake.

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