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Download GCam (Google Camera) 7.3 for Redmi Note 9 / 10X (Merlin) - DMGC_7.3.020_ver.4.5

There are a whole lot of different GCam versions out there from different developers like Urnyx, Parrot043, and many others, but getting the right version to work with your phone is where the problem lies.
A couple of GCams have been tested to work on the Redmi Note 9 and one of those that seems to work very well with the device is the DMGC_7.3.020_ver.4.5 by the_dise. All features like night sight, portrait, HDR+ etc all works.

The DMG_7.3.020 is based on Google Camera (GCam) V7.3.020 with all the features included. Aside from the Redmi Note 9, you can equally try this version of GCAM on other Android smartphones, but it will most likely work on devices running on Android 9.0 Pie and above.

Changelog: DMGC_7.3.020_ver.4.5
  • Fixed front camera for many phones;
  • Added new selection of frames EHDR+;
  • Added new autofocus. Credit B-S-G;
  • Hexagon DSP is forced on;
  • Bug fixed.

Download: Google Camera (GCAM) 7.3.020 for Redmi Note 9 / Redmi 10X

Download GCam 7.3 Config file for Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 / 10x (Merlin):

For instructions on how to import the Config file, click HERE.


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