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Xiaomi to roll out updated MIUI in India without the banned Apps

 Indian and China have been going through some political tussle for quite sometime now and about a month ago, India banned 59 Chinese Apps which included Tiki-Tok, Cam Scanner, WeChat and a whole load of others. Some Xiaomi apps were also affected like the Mi community App.

Now, less than a week ago, the India government decided to further expand the ban and this affected even more Xiaomi Apps like the Mi Browser Pro. Now Xiaomi has broken silence on this issue and clarified the whole issue through a tweet on its official twitter handle.

According to a recent tweet by Xiaomi, it was stated that a new update will be rolled out specifically for the Indian region and all the banned Apps will be removed. The company also clarified that the Xiaomi's MIUI cleaner App is a standalone and has nothing to do with Clean Master which is among the Chinese Apps banned in India.

On the issue of India user data, Xiaomi stated that all data of Xiaomi users in India are stored locally in the country and none of it is being taken out of the country. Xiaomi has announced that the intended update will be rolled out in batches and yet to be launched smartphones will come with this new update before launch.

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