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Evolution X custom ROM for Redmi Note 7 /7S Lavender (Android 11)

A new evolution X custom ROM update is now available for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 / 7S (codename: Lavender). A new version of the evolution X has started rolling out and it is the official version.
The latest Evolution X 4.5 for Redmi Note 7/7S lavender is based on the latest Google Android 11. This new update comes with a whole lot of changes and improvements including the May 2021 Android security patch.

Changelog: EvolutionX 5.7 for Redmi Note 7 (Lavender)
  • Fixed Mi Sound preferences
  • Updated kernel to 4.4.267 - Predator-Strombreaker X4.5
  • Added powerhints for AUDIO_LAUNCH
  • Imported AdaptLaunch to speed up app launches
  • ZRAM is now 50% of RAM size instead of being always 2.5GB
  • Updated WFD and Time service blobs from LA.UM.9.2.r1-01800-SDMxx0.0
  • Fixed borked WiFi config to fix random disconnects on some WiFi routers
  • Switched back to Audio HAL v6
  • Added missing audio routes to fix various mic/sound issues
  • Updated GPS configs to speed up 3D lock
  • Limited screen recorder framerate to 60fps

How to Install EvolutionX custom ROM on Redmi Note 7 (Lavender):
  • Download the ROM and Magisk from the links below
  • Make sure you have Twrp installed or download below
  • If you are coming from another ROM, make sure you wipe data, system, and cache
  • Flash the latest Evolution X ROM build
  • Flash Magisk (Optional) for root access
  • Reboot to system

Download Links
  • EvolutionX 5.7 for Lavender (Redmi Note 7 / 7s): Download Here
  • OrangeFox Twrp Recovery for Lavender: Download Here
  • Magisk: Download Here

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