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Download Evolution X 3.5 (Android 10) custom ROM for Xiaomi Mi 9T / Redmi K20 (Davinci)

The Xioami Redmi K20 also known as the Mi 9T (Codename: Davinci) now has it own  Evolution X custom. XDA senior member RealAkito has just pushed out the Evolution X 3.5 update for Davinci and it is actually based on the latest Google Android 10 OS.
Evolution X is an AOSP based custom ROM. It is packed with a whole lot of features and customization that you will ever need. It also comes with a whole lot of Pixel features like the boot animation, font, gestures and many more. A whole lot of bugs have been fixed in this new Evolution X for Mi 9T Davinci.
Below is the full changelog.

Changelog: Evolution X 3.5 for Davinci
ROM Changelogs:
  • Add Volume Key Answer toggle
  • Add Android/Pixel Setup & Carrier Setup missing permissions
  • Fix Ambient stuff that Google broke
  • Fix edge lighting color picker showing wrong color hex in summary
  • Fix QS footer side margins
  • Fix QS layout side paddings
  • Fix shouldSkipHeadsUp logic for Gaming Mode
  • Fix wrong strings for Status bar clock fonts (Light/Light Italic/Thin/Thin Italic)
  • Remove Phone ringtone setting for Multi SIM device options
  • Add dynamic Immersive Mode tile
  • Add user selectable VoLTE icons
  • Allow torch during ambient display
  • Bring back old implementation of QS customizer (via QS edit menu)
  • Fix Ambient visualizer
  • Fix availability of Cast Quick Setting Tile
  • Fix black screen after AOD_PAUSED again
  • Fix enter deep doze when driving
  • Remove broken bluetooth QS battery toggle
  • Settings: InstalledAppDetails: Fix refreshing storage summary after force stop
  • Settings: Use seekbar to allow setting arbitrary animation values
  • Unlink AoD switch preference from AoD on charge toggle
  • Add flashlight blink on incoming calls options
  • Add more VoLTE icons
  • Ambient Display: Fix volume key music control
  • Bring back fixed QS customizer implementation (edit QS tiles via Evo settings)
  • Don't force show battery percent on keyguard
  • Fixes to Visualizer custom color and animators
  • Remove system screen recorder from power menu
  • Remove system screen recorder QS tile
  • Text Clock: Force show date/weather info
  • Vibrate on volume panel button long press
  • Update thumbnail for Typeface Clock

Device Changelogs:
  • Probably fixed GPS failing
  • Fixed FOD brightness

How to Install Evolution X on Redmi K20 (Mi 9T) Davinci
First Time / Clean Flash
  1. Download the 9.9.25 CHINA Android 10 firmware from the link below and copy to phone storage.
  2. Reboot to recovery and flash the firmware.
  3. Download Evolution X 3.5 and Magisk from the link below.
  4. Boot  to Recovery again.
  5. Wipe System, Data and cache (DO NOT WIPE VENDOR EVER!!).
  6. Flash the ROM.
  7. Then reboot to System
  8. Reboot back to Recovery
  9. Flash Magisk (Required)
  10. Reboot to System

Update / Dirty Flash
  1. Enable Magisk Core Mode.
  2. Download the Evolution X ZIP for Mi 9T and Magisk.
  3. Copy both downloaded files to your internal storage.
  4. Reboot to Recovery.
  5. Flash the ROM.
  6. Flash Magisk.
  7. Reboot to System.
  8. Disable Magisk Core Mode then reboot.

Download Links
  • Download CHINA 9.9.25  Android 10 firmware for Davinci: Download Here
  • Download Evolution X 3.5 for Redmi K20(Mi 9T) Davincci: Download Here.
  • Download Magisk 20.1: Download Here.

Credit: XDAThread.

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